Alguronic Acid….Found Only in Algenist


What is Alguronic Acid? I recently found myself wondering the same thing. On one of my recent trips to Sephora I came across Algenist products. That is when one of the associates came over and told me a little bit about the main ingredient, Alguronic Acid. Alguronic Acid is a powerful compound that is responsible for regenerating and protecting the microalgae […]

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Makeup…What Does It Say About You?


Hey Everyone! I just had to share this article I found. It’s about the psychology of makeup and how others perceive women who do wear makeup. It’s called 5 Research-Backed Reasons We Wear Makeup and was written by Theresa E. DiDonato, Ph.D. You can find it here on Psychology Today. 5 Research-Backed Reasons We Wear Makeup Why we really use lipstick, mascara, and […]

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Great Primers for Flawless Makeup!

best primer

Finding great primers can be difficult for some of us. Now I couldn’t pick just one, so I wanted to share my five favorite primers with you. Hopefully this will help you if you’re still searching for the one! I personally like using a primer which provides a little bit of hydration while minimizing my pores. I just think using […]

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Best Mascaras for Insane Lash Length!

best mascara

Here are some of the best mascaras of all time, in my opinion, that is! Who wants longer lashes??? I know I do!  I just absolutely love mascara and it has to be one of the most important items in my beauty collection. Even when I don’t apply a full face of make up, mascara is something I hate to […]

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Liquid Foundations: My Top 10 Picks


I’m such a huge fan of liquid foundations! I love trying out new formulas as often as possible. I have found that they actually differ quite a bit more than I expected. Some liquid foundations can be appear very heavy while others can create a perfect finish. Here are my top 10 favorite liquid foundations of all time. YSL Touche […]

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Glycolic Acid: Get Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles!

glycolic acid

Hello everyone! I know you all have probably heard of glycolic acid. It’s such an amazing product and I just have to share my amazing results with you. I hope you will be inspired by the changes I am about to describe. You must try this product out for yourself! So I started using this product about a year ago and […]

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  Hey Everyone! I really wanted to share this product with you that I started using a couple of months ago. After realizing that Aczone not a really well known treatment I wanted to take some time and do a quick review about my personal experience with it. The name of the product is Aczone. It’s available by prescription only […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Use It In Your Beauty Routine

apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is truly one of the best natural products ever! I’m sure you have all heard of apple cider vinegar before but what you may or may not know is how it can transform your hair and skin! Apple cider vinegar is different from distilled vinegar because it is not filtered and never goes through the pasteurization process. Therefore, […]

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