Castor Oil For Eyelash Growth- Does it Really Work?

castor oil

Wouldn’t you love to have longer, thicker and darker eyelashes? Well I’m going to show you exactly how you can do that starting today. Castor oil has been proven to be effective at stimulating hair growth. It can be very beneficial for lengthening and thickening the eyelashes. It can also prevent them from falling out or breaking in the future. I just love to purchase any mascara product that I believe will make my lashes look amazing. But one day I realized that mascara is only a temporary fix. I wanted something that was going to give me longer and thicker eyelashes. That’s when I started experimenting with different oils that are rich in nutrients and I found castor oil to be, by far, the best solution.

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is known for its antibacterial properties, proteins, minerals, and fatty acid compounds. This is why it is so effective in stimulating hair growth. It works by penetrating the skin, entering the hair follicle and driving blood flow to the area. This results in increased hair growth. Not only does castor oil increase the hair growth, giving your eyelashes more volume, but it makes the hair stronger and thicker. It also provides hydration and moisture which prevent your eyelashes from breaking or falling out in the future.

castor oil

How to Apply Castor oil on the Eyelashes

It is good to apply castor oil directly to your lash line and rub upwards into the individual eyelash strands. It may help to use a clean mascara wand for even distribution, but using your fingers works perfectly fine. Be careful not to apply to much as it can drip into the eyes and cause irritation. Be sure to wash your eyes immediately with cold water if this happens. I always prefer to apply castor oil to my eyelashes at night, just before bedtime. It is perfectly fine to use it whenever you are comfortable, but I find that at night my eyelashes are better able to absorb the castor oil. I don’t have to worry about it completely drying up in the daytime if I am spending time outdoors. By morning time, your eyelashes will feel hydrated and in no time they will be thicker, longer, and stronger. When you wake up the following morning, you can rinse your face as you normally would. Be gently around the eyes and don’t rub too hard or tug on the lashes when rinsing them. It is important to give enough time for the oil to enhance the condition of your eyelashes. Sometimes it might take several weeks to show the results. But it is important to apply the castor oil routinely and consistently in order to achieve your desired results!

5 Steps to Apply Castor Oil on Eyelashes

Follow these steps to effectively make use of castor oil to promote the growth of eyelashes:

  1. Clean your face with your favorite cleanser and make sure to remove any traces of makeup
  2. Using your fingertip or a small applicator brush, apply a small amount of castor oil to the base of the eyelid
  3. Now gently massage the oil into the base and carefully distribute it evenly to the eyelashe
  4. Wipe off any excess oil around the eyes
  5. It is best to apply castor oil at night so your lashes can absorb the nutrients for a full 8 hours
  6. In the morning, cleanse your face once again. You can also remove any remaining oil with a makeup remover

Depending on the individual needs and preferences, you can make changes in the above mentioned steps. It might take some time to show off the results, so it is better to use castor oil on eyelashes in a routine basis.

castor oil

Other Uses for Castor Oil

Castor oil can be a good beauty product if applied topically, in fact they can do wonders in beauty treatments. You could always look out for the natural version of the oil as branded products is almost devoid of properties that counts for its health benefits. Below mentioned are some of the beauty benefits of castor oil.

1) Facial Cleanser : Castor oil is an excellent facial cleanser, especially when used with other carrier oils. I like to mix equal parts of castor oil and coconut oil to help remove my makeup gently but effectively.  The results are much better than other cleansing products out there and your skin will be left feeling smoother and silkier by the day!

2) Castor Oil for Eyebrows : Castor oil can be applied to the eyebrows as well! It will do wonders at regrowing over-tweezed brows in just a few weeks. Just a drop or two in your eyebrows before you sleep is more than enough to thicken them.

3) Hair Growth : It wasn’t until pretty recently that I discovered how effective castor oil is at promoting the growth of hair. In fact, it was so effective at thickening my eyelashes and eyebrows that I decided to use it on my scalp. I combined it with some coconut and almond oil and massaged my scalp for several minutes. I did this about 3 times a week for several months. It was so effective in regrowing lost hair and lengthening my hair that I still cannot believe it. I will swear by this forever!!


Anyone can get the beautiful eyelashes they always desired, but the secret it to be consistent in order to get the best results. The use of castor oil for improving the thickness of eyelashes is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to go about doing this. This is great as you only need to apply them at night while you sleep. So what are you waiting for? Go to bed with a bit of castor oil touched up on to your eyelashes and let them prepare to grow as you rest!!

Hope you loved this article. Please let me know if you decide to try this out and would like to share your results! I would love to hear from you!


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