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The Importance of Great Eyebrows

Have you ever wondered why eyebrows are so important? They can completely alter the shape of a person’s face. I personally love the look of a thicker brow on myself because I think it helps to slim the rest of the face. A fantastic arch doesn’t hurt much either! Whether you’re going for a natural, sultry, or disheveled, great eyebrows can make your entire look that much better. I’m going to share some of my favorite Charlottle Tilbury eyebrow products with you guys. I love these products because you can use them together or separately. They are so simple and easy to use that I’m sure you will master the art of maintaining perfect brows in no time!



Brow LiftCharlotte Tilbury Super Model Brow Lift Kit

This Super Model Brow Lift Kit consists of five pieces and has the most important tools to give you eyes complete perfection. First, use The Retoucher concealer to diminish any imperfections and open up the eyes. Apply this to the brow bone to get an ultra-defined arch! Next, use the Legendary Brows eyebrow gel to brush the hairs in an upwards motion, using small strokes to define and shape the brows. Using the pointed end of the Brow Lift brow pencil, gently fill in the eye brow line. Be sure to use short and light strokes to maintain a natural. To finish it off, curl those lashes with the Life Changing Lashes eyelash curler. You eyes will look brighter and wider! Lastly, add a touch of the Full Fat Lashes mascara for the perfect finish to your look.



Brows Tool Kit

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Tool Kit

I love this tool kit because it keeps things super simple and just about anyone can learn how to use it. It is perfect for people who don’t need to fill their brows in too much. You can simply start by using the Legendary Brows eyebrow gel. The brush is so tiny that you don’t have to worry about getting the gel out of place, but it will definitely coat each and every hair for a fuller and natural brow. Next, you can apply the Full Fat Lashes mascara by brushing up from the base of the lash to the end. This will curl, separate and lengthen your lashes to make your eyes stand out! (Tip: Curl your lashes first with Charlotte’s Life Changing Lashes.)

perfect brow


Charlotte Tilbury Flawless, Defined Brows

Shades available:

This is the perfect kit if you really just want to focus solely on the eyebrows. It includes the Legendary Brows eyebrow gel and the 3-in-1 Brow Lift eyebrow pencil. It is available in three different shades! This is what I typically use on an everyday basis. It’s quick, easy, and most importantly, keeps the eyebrows looking natural! What I love most about this brow pencil it that it allows you to easily brush the hairs upwards and reveal your brow’s natural shape. Simply, use the pointed end of the brow pencil to fill in just along the brow line. Again, be sure to use light strokes to keep the brows looking natural. If you prefer a filled-in effect, use the flat side of the pencil. Also, I love to apply highlighter under the brow bone to enhance the arch. Finish off the look by applying a coat of the Legendary Brows eyebrow gel and you’re done!

***Charlotte Tilbury, Brow Lift – Brow Pencil can be purchased separately in shades Brooke S.Cara D.Grace K., Rita, and Naomi

***Charlotte Tilbury, Legendary Brows – Eyebrow Gel can be purchased separately in shades LindaCaraBrigitte, and Clear

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you love eyebrows as much as I do! Please let me know how you liked the products and if you have anymore suggestion for getting the perfect eyebrows!




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